Who's Who

The present All Saints Governing Body

The governing body of All Saints has 16 governor places. There are different categories of governors:

Elected Governors

At All Saints we have 2 elected parent governors, chosen by parents after a ballot where every parent can vote. In October 2012, there were 2 parent governor vacancies. Two nominations were received and therefore there was no need to have elections. The next time to elect parent governors will be October 2016.

The elected parent governors are Ayshea Hay and Milen Bennett.

Elected Teaching Staff Governor

At All Saints we have 1 elected teacher governor. The next time to elect a teacher governor is October 2016.

The elected teacher governor is Chantal Doffoh.

Foundation Governors

6 Foundation governors are chosen by the Church Council of All Saints Church and another 2 are chosen by the Anglican (Church of England) Diocese of Southwark. They have a particular duty to ensure that the school maintains its "distinctive Christian ethos.” 

Our foundation governors are: Esther Akinmade; Jesse Nderitu; Stella Onwu; Jonus Wontumi and Chris Chikwendu. There is currently 1 vacancy for a foundation governor. 

The Diocese chose Jennifer Brown and Arthur Williams to serve until September 2016.

Ex-officio Governors

There are 2 Ex-officio Governors. They are the Head Teacher of All Saints Church of England Primary School and the Minister of All Saints Church. The personnel for these positions only change if the people occupying those posts change.

Presently our ex-officio governors are Esther Akinmade, Acting Head Teacher and Father Leonard Marsh, Vicar of All Saints Church.

Local Authority Governor

This post is chosen by Croydon Local Authority to represent their support of the school. The person who holds this position holds it for 4 years.

Shelisha Bent is the present local authority governor.

Co-opted Governors

At All Saints we have 2 co-opted governors. These are co-opted by the rest of the governing body who choose people who will increase the skills and the representation of the school community. In 2012 the governors co-opted Christine Kent, who is a former staff member, to the governing body. She will serve for a period of 4 years. Janice Rawlins, a staff member who works within the Inclusion Team, was co-opted to the governing body in September 2013. 

Associate Governors

These are governors approved by the governing body to broaden its skills and expertise. We have one associate governor, Stephen Sin.