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This Week

This week we will be working on grouping and dividing in numeracy, and in literacy we will be reading 'Tom and the Island of the Dinosaurs' and other stories by Ian Beck.  We will be finding out about his life as an author and illustrator and writing some book reviews.  

We have also just started our new topic, 'What's Under the Ground?' and will be focusing on science this week - learning about where natural materials come from and some of their uses.  See below for more information.


Please read with your child every night and discuss what has happened in the story. It is important that you sign your child's reading record book every night too. Thank you.

Homework will be given out weekly on Thursday or Friday and will consist of one piece of literacy and/or one piece of numeracy linked to the work we have been doing in class.  The children will also be given a list of spellings to learn for the week.

Completed homework should be returned by the following Friday to Hummingbird Class, or the following Monday to Lion Class.  We are very grateful for the support parents give in helping the children to complete their homework each week.  However, we would like to remind all parents that it is important for the children to complete the tasks themselves as far as possible.

Spellings should be practised two or three times over the week, ready for the spelling test in class at the end of each week. 


Both Year 2 classes had a fantastic and educational trip to the Tower of London on Friday 13th December.

Check back soon to see some of the children's writing about the day!


    What's Under the Ground?

Spring Term Topic

 This term the children will be finding out what's under the ground!

In science we will be finding out about natural and synthetic materials, where they come from, how they are used, and how they can be changed by heating, cooling squashing and bending.

In literacy the children will be researching fossils, dinosaurs and animals that make their homes underground and writing non-fiction reports.  They will use the internet as well as non-fiction books to find information, and will present their work in a variety of ways.

In geography we will be using maps of the world to locate different countries and continents, and finding out about different environments, including volcanos.  

In art and DT the children will make collages and coloured sketches of fossils, crystals and ammonites, and will use a painting program on the computer.  They will also design and make a model with moving parts.

Throughout their topic work, the children are encouraged to ask questions, brainstorm ideas and use a variety of resources to investigate, record and present their learning.