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'Krishanth Kaviruban' (Lion class) has been given the writer of the month award.

 Fantastic work :-)


This Week

Welcome back to all Year 2 children and parents!  

We hope you had a fantastic holiday. Now it's time for us to start working hard again.:-)    

Over the next few weeks we will be reading and discussing some wonderful Ian Beck books and looking at the features that make them distinctive, including the fantastic illustrations by the author. Children will use skills of inference to interpret the stories, create characters and write a story book of their own, based on Tom’s adventures.

In our numeracy lessons we will be looking at place value, addition, subtraction and multiplication. We will continue to have multiplication tests each week. (Lions)

'Success is not by magic, it's by hard work.'

Homework and spelling results

Please read with your child every night and help them to understand their reading by discussing their book together. Listening to your child read at home will provide invaluable support to their progress in reading and writing over this important year in their schooling and we would be grateful if you could sign your child's reading record book every night too. Many thanks!

Homework will be given out weekly on Thursday or Friday and will consist of one piece of literacy and/or one piece of numeracy linked to the work we have been doing in class.  The children will also be given a list of spellings to learn for the week.

Completed homework should be returned by the following Friday to Hummingbird Class, or the following Monday to Lion Class.  We are very grateful for the support parents give in helping the children to complete their homework each week. 

Spellings should be practised several times over the week, ready for the spelling test in class at the end of each week. 



We achieved 100%:



















Great job Lions (Miss Crawford)

Time week

Juvane maths hat resizegroup maths hats resizemaths hats resize   

We spent a week learning to tell the time (all of the 5 min intervals around an analogue clock).

This included lots of games, fun activities, and ended with making a time hat.

'It was so much fun. I can tell the time now'

Aisha (Lion class)


Spring Term Topic - What's Under the Ground?

Literacy - In literacy we will be exploring different stories by Ian Beck, including characters, settings and events. The children will go on to write a story about a familiar character. Later this term, we will investigate the main features of information texts and reports, and organise writing using themes, sub-headings and paragraphs.

Numeracy - We will use practical and informal written methods to add and subtract two-digit numbers. The children will become secure with their times tables (2,3,5,10 and beyond). They will use repeated addition and multiplication to solve calculations. In addition to this children will learn to recognise ½, ¼ and ¾ of length, shape and quantity.

Other subjects covered as part of our Under the Ground topic theme include: 

Science - We will identify a range of common materials and explore their properties. The children will research, compare and sort the materials.  As part of our topic we will also be learning about different types of rocks and soils.  The children will also learn about the basic conditions needed for plants and animals to survive, sort animals into groups according to their features and investigate how different animals are suited to their habitats.

Art/DT - The children will develop drawing and sketching skills using pencils, pastels and charcoal.  They will also use clay to create models and carvings, using tools to add lines, details and textures.

History - We will use a variety of sources to find out about the past, including books, pictures, artefacts and the internet.  The children will describe objects and artefacts from the past and use diagrams, labels and writing to tell other people about them.

ICT - The children will collect and organise data using the computer and develop simple word-processing skills.