Year 5

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In literacy we will be working towards our differentiated class targets within the context of: 

  • Space poetry
  • Persuasive writing
  • Diary writing
  • Recounts
  • Play scripts 


Homework is given out on a Wednesday and collected in on the following Tuesday. It will useually be marked and returned to the children within a week. Homework will be marked in relation to effort and presentation. Please encourage your child to take time and care in the presentation and completion of their homework. We feel that this helps them to take responsibility for meeting deadlines and presenting work of a good standard that they can be proud of. 

Homework is prepared to support the learning in class, it will either reflect the same subjects we have been working on that week or will be revision of topics we have done recently. Please remember that some children work in a different way when they are at home compared with when they are at school. We set the level of the homework based on what children are able to achieve in class. If they are finding it too easy at home then we may need to find out why they are not finding this the case at school. 

On occasion we will give out project work. The children will have longer than the standard week to complete this and will be encouraged to complete their own research. They can then present their work to be marked on the allocated date. Each week children will have timestables and spellings to practise at home and will be tested on them in school. Please also make use of the mathletics website that each child has their own log in for. Each time children submits a task the teachers at school can see the result.

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Our trip this term is to the Science Museum on 21st January 2014. It is important that we have the signed permission slip for each child. Thank you for any offers we have had for help, we have now got sufficient adults to acompany us on the trip.